Science and Spirituality Series

1A gene connected to cold-blooded animal’s ability to regenerate limbs a spiritual insightVideo
2A Microplastics Problem in Plants? – A Spiritual InsightVideo
3A New AI Chip Can Perform Image Recognition Tasks in Nanoseconds a spiritual insightVideo
4A new chemical process could turn a quarter of our plastic waste into clean fuelVideo
5A New Device Allows Anyone to Become Literally Invisible at Night a spiritual insightVideo
6A New Kind of Matter that Bends the Laws of Physics A Spiritual insightVideo
7A polariton filter turns ordinary laser light into quantum light a spiritual insightVideo
8A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality a spiritual insightVideo
9A Second Layer of Information on top of our Genetic CodeVideo
10A Universal Cancer Biomarker A Spiritual InsightVideo
11American Volcanoes get a Very High threat rating from the USGSVideo
12Ancient Asteroid Impacts Created the Ingredients of Life on Earth and Mars a spiritual insightVideo
13Artificial Intelligence meets the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Mysterious scribe a spiritual insightVideo
14Astronomers Discover New Galaxy Clusters Hiding in Plain Sight a spiritual insightVideo
15Bacterial Magnetic Particles as a Novel and Efficient Gene Vaccine Deliver systemVideo
16Brain Reading and Technologies that can Change Brain Activity A spiritual insightVideo
17Brain-shrinking killer fungus that cannot be touched is found in Australia A spiritual insightVideo
18British Scientists May Have Found Cure For Cancer by Accident A spiritual insightVideo
19Constraining Quantum Gravity and String Theory A Spiritual InsightVideo
20Cooling without energy consumption A Spiritual InsightVideo
21Cosmic X-Rays Reveal a Distinctive Signature of Black Hole Event Horizons A spiritual insightVideo
22Dark energy, science’s potential explanation for why the universe is expanding A Spiritual insightVideo
23Deep Space Travel, Radiation, Stress Response, and the call of GodVideo
24Destroying or Sustaining Ancestral KnowledgeVideo
25Did We Really Travel to the Moon? Nasa Assembles Twin Boosters for its mega rocketVideo
26Discovery by Nuclear Physicists Challenges the Way We Understand Forces in the universeVideo
27Discovery of Quantum Behavior in Insulators Suggests Possible New Particle A spiritual insightVideo
28Do Molecular Simulations Represent the Real World at the Atomic Scale?Video
29Electrical energy can be captured as liquid air A Spiritual InsightVideo
30Electricity Producing Bacteria for Bio-Fuel Cell ApplicationVideo
31Engineers Develop a New Water Treatment Technology That Could Help Mars explorerVideo
32Every Tiny Speck of Light in this Image Is a GalaxyVideo
33Exactly How does NASA Pilot their Rovers on the Surface of Mars? Video
34Feeding the gods: Hundreds of skulls reveal massive scale of human sacrificeVideo
35Fetal Brain Scans Reveal Blueprint of the Adult Brain A spiritual insightVideo
36First Glimpse of Polarons forming in a Promising Next-Gen Energy MaterialVideo
37For The First Time, Researchers Just Observed How Plants Take Up WaterVideo
38Fragments of energy, not waves or particles, may be the fundamental building blocksVideo
39Gravity Wave Activity affecting the Martian Thermosphere and the Livability of MarsVideo
40Gravity Waves detected in Earth’s Atmosphere A Spiritual InsightVideo
41High Tensile Strength Metallic Wood A Spiritual InsightVideo
42How does DNA know which job to do in each cell? A Spiritual InsVideo
43How Genes and Memory Formation Effect the Battle between Sin and RighteousnessVideo
44How Genetic Variation gives rise to differences in Mathematical Ability Video
45IceCube Detection of a High-Energy Particle – Antineutrino of “Unmistakably of Extraterrestrial Origin”Video
46Improved Advanced Energy Storage Using New Nano-Engineering StrategyVideo
47Inflammation, Our Immune System and Decision-Making Processes Video
48International Space Station Astronauts Play with Fire for Research Video
49Is Our Solar System Shaped like a Deflated Croissant? A SpiritualVideo
50Israeli Archaeologists Unveil Solomon’s Seal ancient amulet protecting from evilVideo
51Lasers Convert Carbon to Diamonds at Ambient Temperature and Pressure in airVideo
52Link between autoimmune disorders and psychosis confirmed in new studyVideo
53Making Infinite Copies The Banach-Tarski paradox A Spiritual ImplicationVideo
54Material which can Store Energy From The Sun For Months or Even YearsVideo
55Materials Differentiate between the Past and the Future and Time-Reversal symmetry.Video
56Microbiologists Discover Bacteria That Feed on Metal A Spiritual insightVideo
57Microplastics are being found everywhere, even in the snow Video
58Microwave Quantum Illumination – A Quantum Radar PrototypeVideo
59Modeling COVID-19, How Fast Does a Virus Spread? Video
60Mollusk with magnetic teeth could be the key to nanoscale energy sourcesVideo
61Monstrous Blobs near the Earth’s CoreVideo
62Moving Microscopy Beyond the Resolution Limit Video
63Mysterious New Borg DNA Seems to Assimilate Genes From different organismsVideo
64Nano-Microbial Factories: Light-Driven Renewable Biochemical Synthesis using quantum dotsVideo
65NASA’s solar probe reveals stunning results after swooping in close to the sunVideo
66Natural Language Processing – A Spiritual InsightVideo
67Navy’s Advanced Aerospace Tech Boss Claims Key UFO patent is operableVideo
68Neuromodulation Technologies – A Spiritual InsightVideo
69New DNA shredder technique goes beyond CRISPR sissorsVideo
70New Insights into the Biology of a Deadly Fungus – A Spiritual InsightVideo
71New property of light discovered – A Spiritual InsightVideo
72New Propulsion System could take Humans to Mars Faster than ever beforeVideo
73New Spider Hair Discovery May Inspire Powerful – Yet Reversible – AdhesivesVideo
74New Study Reveals We Could Be Alone in the UniverseVideo
75Night-vision ‘super-mice’ created using light-converting nanoparticles Video
76Our best theoretical model can only explain 5% of the universeVideo
77Our Galaxy’s Supermassive Black Hole is closer to Earth than we thoughtVideo
78Physicists Devise a Brilliant Way to Make And Observe Elusive Electron CrystalsVideo
79Physicists exploit a Quantum Rule to create a new kind of Crystal Video
80Physicists have a Massive Problem as Higgs Boson Refuses to MisbehaveVideo
81Physicists Have Developed a Way to Levitate Objects Using only SoundVideo
82Physicists Have Found an Entirely New Type of SuperconductivityVideo
83Physicists Observe Branched Flow of Light – A Spiritual InsightVideo
84Physicists set world record in tabletop plasma acceleration with laser drillVideo
85Proof of concept refrigeration system uses magnetic fields and shape-shifting alloysVideo
86Quantum Computing Breakthrough: First Sighting of Mysterious Majoran fermionVideo
87Quantum Negativity can Power Ultra-Precise Measurements Video
88Radical Discovery Suggests The Solar System Has Two Planes of Orbital AlignmentVideo
89Remote Control Insect Flight and what this Teaches us about SinVideo
90Research on Synthetic Dimensions and Higher-Dimensional Physics Video
91Researchers Develop Biodegradable Printed Display Video
92Researchers Raise Bats in Helium-Rich Air to check how they Sense SoundVideo
93Ringing Black Hole Proves Einstein Right Again – A Spiritual InsightVideo
94Robo-fish is Powered by Blood-like Battery Fluid – A Spiritual InsightVideo
95Rust may be a Great Shield for Deadly Space Radiation Video
96Scientist Identifies Signaling Underlying Organ and Limb Regeneration Video
97Scientists Break the Link between a Quantum Material’s Spin and orbital statesVideo
98Scientists Create a Prototype Air Plasma Engine That Works without fossil fuelsVideo
99Scientists Create Eggs which are Part Human, Part Monkey Video
100Scientists Create First Living Models of Human Embryos Video
101Scientists Create Quantum Sensor that Covers Entire Radio Frequency SpectrumVideo
102Scientists Cure Cancer by Injecting Lung and Bowel Tumors with Tiny Copper particlesVideo
103Scientists design graphene filter to purify methane from biogas Video
104Scientists Figured Out How Much Exercise You Need to Offset a day of sittingVideo
105Scientists Just Entangled Quantum Memories Over 50 km Video
106Scientists Present New Theory Explaining Why We’re the Only Humans on earthVideo
107Scientists Reveal a Lost Eight Billion Light Years of Universe Evolution Video
108Scientists Reverse Engineer Cellular Mechano-Chemical Feedback SystemVideo
109Scientists Say They’ve Found a New Organ in Skin That ProcessesVideo
110Scientists think they’ve solved the mystery of sunspots Video
111Scientists use Stem Cells from Frogs to Build First Living Robots Video
112Self-Healing, Carbon-Negative Material, Climate Change, and Trusting in GodVideo
113Serviceable Lithium-ion Batteries – A Spiritual InsightVideo
114Something called Topological Superconductivity A new State of matterVideo
115Spectral-volumetric compressed ultrafast photography simultaneously captures 5 dimensionsVideo
116Storing Solar Energy by Isomerization of Organic MoleculesVideo
117Study finds thousands of cancers linked to these 7 dietary factorsVideo
118Study Shows Optical Fields can modify Electrons in Metal Video
119Super Conductivity: It is Hydrogen’s fault! – A Spiritual InsightVideo
120Team develops AI to decode brain signals and predict behavior Video
121Teenager first in UK to go deaf and blind due to junk food diet report revealsVideo
122The Difference between Applied Science and Theoretical Sciences Video
123The Edge of Chaos Opens Pathway to Artificial Intelligence DiscoveriesVideo
124The Electric Currents around Mars are Fundamental to Atmospheric LossVideo
125The Expanding Universe Might Not Depend on How You Measure It, but whenVideo
126The Genomes of 2000 year old Ancient Judean Date Palms Sequenced and germinateVideo
127The Killer Neural Wiring That Links Eyes and Wings in Predators Video
128The Recyclability of a New Kind of Plastic – A Spiritual InsightVideo
129The Universe’s Earliest State of Matter Was Like an Ocean of Perfect liquidVideo
130The weapons of warfare in the spiritual realm The Pentagon Wants to make an armyVideo
131Theorists Calculate Upper Limit for Possible Quantization of TimeVideo
132There’s Growing Evidence That the Universe Is Connected by Giant StructuresVideo
133These Microscopic Mites Live on your Face – A Spiritual InsightVideo
134Thousands of Swedes Are Choosing to Have Microchips Inserted into their bodiesVideo
135Transcranial optical imaging Getting Drugs Delivered Directly to the brainVideo
136Tunable Free-electron X-ray Radiation from van der Waals Materials Video
137Turning Cells into Computers with Protein Logic Gates Video
138Type A blood converted to universal donor blood with help from bacterial enzymesVideo
139Ultrasound can ‘see’ when tumor cells turn genes on and off Video
140Unusual Sound Waves in Solids Induced Using Laser Pulses – A Spiritual InsightVideo
141Using Friction to Generate Electric Power in Aircraft Video
142Viruses Can Scatter Their Genes Among Cells and Reassemble Video
143Watch a tiny worm make one of the loudest sounds in the ocean Video
144What animal has the largest ears? – A Spiritual InsightVideo
145What are the consequences of not having a Biblical World View?Video
146What Existed before the Universe?Video
148What is the most genetically diverse species? – A Spiritual InsightVideo
149Why the Next Lunar Astronauts May Have to Worry About Electric ShocksVideo
150Wormholes, a New Theory and its Feasibility – A Spiritual InsightVideo
151Worms Help Israeli Scientists Rewrite Basics of Genetics Video
152Upgrading the brain through gene editingVideo
153How Marijuana Effects the BrainVideo
154Your skin and stool are the first responders when something’s up with your gutVideo
155Why does light leave the position from which it is created?Video
156New Weapons Against Cancer: Millions of Bacteria Programmed to KillVideo
1574 Signs You’re Infected with a ParasiteVideo
158Material Science – Report of Superconductivity in a Nickel OxideVideo
159Scientists Discover Distant ‘Mirror Image’ of the Earth and the SunVideo
160Energy ‘scavenger’ could turn waste heat from fridges and devices into electricityVideo
161The Perfect Shape? The Ancient Universal Equation for the Shape of an EggVideo