2010-2011, 2012-2013 Torah Portions

NAMEPDFWord DocumentTitle
B’reisheetLink-PDFWord-DocIs Yeshua (Jesus) God?
NoachLink-PDFWord-DocGiving rest from the work and toil of our hands
Lech LechaLink-PDFWord-DocAvraham was led by faith
VayeraLink-PDFWord-DocThe One whom Avraham is speaking to
Chayei SarahLink-PDFWord-DocBeing honest by remembering God’s covenant
ToldotLink-PDFWord-DocBirthright, knowledge, and grace
VayetzeLink-PDFWord-DocYeshua is our ladder to Heaven
VayishlachLink-PDFWord-DocThe City Gate, A Place of Power and Authority
VayeshevLink-PDFWord-DocChoose righteousness, do not forget God in your prosperity.
MiketzLink-PDFWord-DocSin and unrepentance
VayigashLink-PDFWord-DocBelieving a lie and taking pleasure in wickedness
VayechiLink-PDFWord-DocOur strength is in Him!
NAMEPDFWord DocTitle
ShemotLink-PDFWord-DocThe Lord will cause the Increase!
Va’eraLink-PDFWord-DocThe hiddenness of God
BoLink-PDFWord-DocIs the Lord hardening your Heart?
BeshalachLink-PDFWord-Doc“Yeshua” or “Yahshua” and What is Missed in the Hebrew Text?
YitroLink-PDFWord-DocWhy does God allow sin to continue?
MishpatimLink-PDFWord-DocWhy do we have to read all these rules and regulations?
TerumahLink-PDFWord-DocGod’s plan for Israel and why it matters to us?
TetzavehLink-PDFWord-DocConsecrated unto the Lord
Ki TisaLink-PDFWord-DocBe angry and sin not
Vayak’hel/PekudeiLink-PDFWord-DocIn Christ even the impossible is possible
NAMEPDFWord DocumentTitle
VayikraLink-PDFWord-DocBe salted in Christ the Messiah
TzavLink-PDFWord-DocThe priest, The Messiah and Atonement for Sin
Sh’miniLink-PDFWord-DocHe was meant to bear away the guilt of the congregation
Tazria/MetzoraLink-PDFWord-DocThe Lord who makes us Clean
Acharei Mot/KedoshimLink-PDFWord-DocShomer Mitzvah Shomer Nafsho?
EmorLink-PDFWord-DocWalking in purity before our God in the midst of atonement
Behar/BechukotaiLink-PDFWord-DocWhat does it mean to have a circumcised heart?
NAMEPDFWord DocumentTitle
BamidbarLink-PDFWord-DocTaking a census of my own life; is that a sin?
NassoLink-PDFWord-DocRepentance is required for us!
Beha’alotchaLink-PDFWord-DocWalking in the Truth and Light of His Word
ShelachLink-PDFWord-DocThe fear of the Lord is a healthy thing
KorachLink-PDFWord-DocReckless abandon
ChukatLink-PDFWord-DocLooking to the One who was lifted up
BalakLink-PDFWord-DocThe importance of prayer
PinchasLink-PDFWord-DocThe blessing of the King Messiah
Mattot/MasseiLink-PDFWord-DocFire, Water, and God’s Holiness
NAMEPDFWord DocumentTitle
DevarimLink-PDFWord-DocFaith in the Promises
Va’etchananLink-PDFWord-DocMoshe the prototypic Mashiach
EkevLink-PDFWord-DocPursuing the God
Re’ehLink-PDFWord-DocIf you abide in Me, and MY words abide in you
ShoftimLink-PDFWord-DocShoftim vShotrim (Judges and Officers)
Ki TetzeLink-PDFWord-DocWho we are in Christ as God’s chosen people!
Ki TavoLink-PDFWord-DocIs it important to diligently study the Bible?
NitzavimLink-PDFWord-DocHow important is Circumcision today?
Rosh HaShanahLink-PDFWord-Doc
VayelechLink-PDFWord-DocHow important is Circumcision today?
Yom KippurLink-PDFWord-DocHow important is Yom Kippur for us today?
Ha’azinuLink-PDFWord-DocThe Torah on God Buying and Selling
SukkotLink-PDFWord-DocA Midrash on Achari Mot and HaMoed Sukkot
Semini Atzeret / Simchat TorahLink-PDFWord-Doc
Vezot ha’BrachaLink-PDFWord-Doc