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This is a Commentary on the Book of Psalms with Midrash Tehillim, from a Messianic Perspective. The hermeneutic approach for interpreting the Psalms is from a Torah perspective examining the theological, historical, moral, and spiritual perspectives. This unique commentary is a chapter by chapter exposition and study of the Psalms with the rabbinic commentary.

Main features include:
Analysis: Every chapter of the Book of Psalms is treated as a unit and is a separate chapter in the book. The studies are a verse by verse exposition of the Psalms. Each chapter is composed of two major divisions: (i) examination and comparison of the original Hebrew (Masoretic Text), Aramaic (Targum Pseudo Jonathan), and Greek (Septuagint) translations of the Psalms for a greater understanding of the words of David and (ii) Midrash Tehillim, the Rabbinic commentary on the Psalms.

Application: The comments and verse by verse expositions are the meat of the book and consist of explanations, clarifications, interpretations, and exhortations, with a focus on practical application for our lives.

  • How did the Torah affect the psalmists’ understanding and relationship with God? Is the Torah relevant for us today?
  • Is our understanding of God today consistent with how David understood the Lord and His promises according to the Scriptures?
  • Examining parallels in the Rabbinic commentary with New Testament thought.

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