2007-2008 Torah Portions

NAMEPDFWord DocumentTitle
B’reisheetLink-PDFWord-DocWhy can’t I see the evidence for creation when I am
told it is all around me?
NoachLink-PDFWord-DocWhy does a loving God allow bloodshed and sin?
Lech LechaLink-PDFWord-DocWhat are you waiting for?
VayeraLink-PDFWord-DocHave you looked at the bible in a worldly way?
Chayei SarahLink-PDFWord-DocWhy “Almah” is such a significant Hebrew word!
ToldotLink-PDFWord-DocThe Importance of Faith and Birthright!
VayetzeLink-PDFWord-DocIn the midst of blessing we still have trials!
VayishlachLink-PDFWord-DocSpiritual Surrender
VayeshevLink-PDFWord-DocAre You Spiritually in Tune?
MiketzLink-PDFWord-DocA humble life is a blessed life!
VayigashLink-PDFWord-DocGod begins by shining a light in the darkness of our hearts
VayechiLink-PDFWord-DocOur Willingness to Receive
NAMEPDFWord DocTitle
ShemotLink-PDFWord-DocA man on a mission
Va’eraLink-PDFWord-Docאני יהוה / Ani Hashem
BoLink-PDFWord-DocCulture, Tradition, and Heritage.
BeshalachLink-PDFWord-DocBread from Heaven
YitroLink-PDFWord-DocWhat is the church neglecting today?
MishpatimLink-PDFWord-DocThe Torah is more than a bunch of do’s and do not’
TerumahLink-PDFWord-DocThe Image of the Mishkhan
TetzavehLink-PDFWord-DocThe Eternal Covenant
Ki TisaLink-PDFWord-DocMoshe Rabbeinu Most Praiseworthy Act
Vayak’helLink-PDFWord-DocHas Righteousness Conceptually Changed in the Church Today?
PekudeiLink-PDFWord-DocIs Yeshua the Shekhina glory of G-d?
NAMEPDFWord DocumentTitle
VayikraLink-PDFWord-DocDo you understand the scriptures as the first century Jews?
TzavLink-PDFWord-DocThe Reoccurring Korbanot
Pesach ILink-PDFWord-Doc
Pesach VIILink-PDFWord-Doc
Sh’miniLink-PDFWord-DocDo you have a correct heart before G-d?
TazriaLink-PDFWord-DocSin, Leprosy, and being clean.
MetzoraLink-PDFWord-DocDo you know how leprosy is related to lashon hara?
Acharei MotLink-PDFWord-DocDo Heavenly things require sacrifice?
KedoshimLink-PDFWord-DocPatience and Holiness?
EmorLink-PDFWord-DocOur Responsibility and the problem of being Ignorant!
BeharLink-PDFWord-DocDo you have a Greek or Hebraic mindset?
BechukotaiLink-PDFWord-DocWhen things go well do you forget about the Lord?
NAMEPDFWord DocumentTitle
BamidbarLink-PDFWord-DocComments on Midrash Bamidbar Rabba 1:7
NassoLink-PDFWord-DocDid you know the vow of the Nazir/Nazarite applies to you today?
Beha’alotchaLink-PDFWord-DocDo You Understand the Significance of the Lord’s Table?
ShelachLink-PDFWord-DocHave you ever studied the etymology of Hebrew Names?
KorachLink-PDFWord-DocDo you believe G-d or Man Made Doctrines?
ChukatLink-PDF1 Link-PDF2Word-DocHow does Righteousness and Holiness work?
BalakLink-PDFWord-DocSelfish traits and obeying G-d are they compatible?
PinchasLink-PDFWord-DocA covenant of peace and an everlasting priesthood
MattotLink-PDFWord-DocKoshering our lives
MasseiLink-PDFWord-DocHave you destroyed the strongholds in your life?
NAMEPDFWord DocumentTitle
DevarimLink-PDFWord-DocBeing close, being tight with HaShem that is what is most important!
Va’etchananLink-PDFWord-DocThe uniqueness of our G-d!
EkevLink-PDFWord-DocIs your life ordinary or extraordinary?
Re’ehLink-PDFWord-DocThe Messiah, the virgin birth, and the very first mitzvah found in the Torah.
ShoftimLink-PDFWord-DocWhat’s missed if you don’t read Hebrew, Yeshua the Messiah?
Ki TetzeLink-PDFWord-DocYour ways versus G-d’s ways?
Ki TavoLink-PDFWord-DocAre you making the same mistakes as yesterday?
NitzavimLink-PDFWord-DocDivine Parenting / Relationship / Community
Rosh HaShanahLink-PDFWord-Doc
VayelechLink-PDFWord-DocZ’man Matan Torah and Yeshua the Messiah
Yom KippurLink-PDFWord-Doc
Ha’azinuLink-PDFWord-DocCountering religious hypocrisy?
Sukkot ILink-PDFWord-Doc
Semini Atzeret / Simchat TorahLink-PDFWord-Doc
Vezot ha’BrachaLink-PDFWord-DocMoshe’s death and Yom Kippur?