Tehillim / Psalms 108, ספר תהילים קח, Part 2, Awake Oh Slumberer


In this week’s study from Tehillim / Psalms 108:1-13, the Psalm continues saying, ח   אֱלֹהִים | דִּבֶּר בְּקָדְשׁוֹ אֶעְלֹזָה אֲחַלְּקָה שְׁכֶם וְעֵמֶק סֻכּוֹת אֲמַדֵּד:  108:7 God has spoken in His holiness: ‘I will exult, I will portion out Shechem And measure out the valley of Succoth. (NASB)  Why does the Lord mention Shechem and the valley of Succoth?  ט   לִי גִלְעָד | לִי מְנַשֶּׁה וְאֶפְרַיִם מָעוֹז רֹאשִׁי יְהוּדָה מְחֹקְקִי: י   מוֹאָב | סִיר רַחְצִי עַל-אֱדוֹם אַשְׁלִיךְ נַעֲלִי עֲלֵי-פְלֶשֶׁת אֶתְרוֹעָע: יא   מִי יֹבִלֵנִי עִיר מִבְצָר מִי נָחַנִי עַד-אֱדוֹם: יב   הֲלֹא-אֱלֹהִים זְנַחְתָּנוּ וְלֹא-תֵצֵא אֱלֹהִים בְּצִבְאֹתֵינוּ:  108:8 ‘Gilead is Mine, Manasseh is Mine; Ephraim also is the helmet of My head; Judah is My scepter. 108:9 ‘Moab is My washbowl; Over Edom I shall throw My shoe; Over Philistia I will shout aloud.’ 108:10 Who will bring me into the besieged city? Who will lead me to Edom? 108:11 Have not You Yourself, O God, rejected us? And will You not go forth with our armies, O God? (NASB)  The psalm concludes saying, יג   הָבָה-לָּנוּ עֶזְרָת מִצָּר וְשָׁוְא תְּשׁוּעַת אָדָם: יד   בֵּאלֹהִים נַעֲשֶֹה-חָיִל וְהוּא יָבוּס צָרֵינוּ: 108:12 Oh give us help against the adversary, For deliverance by man is in vain. 108:13 Through God we will do valiantly, And it is He who shall tread down our adversaries. (NASB)  The Lord is the one in whom we are to place our trust! Read more here: Tehillim 108-Part1-and-2

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