Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss How We Must Be Transformed in Order to Commune with God, ישעיהו ל:א-ז / Isaiah 30:1-7


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1:15 Targum Jonathan Son of Uziel on Isaiah 30,1-7
תרגום יונתן בן עוזיאל אל ישעיה פרק ל:א-ז 7:19 Rashi on Isaiah 30,1 Part 1-2 appointing a ruler but not by the Spirit of God
11:12 Rashi on Isaiah 30,2 Part 1-3 Descending to Egypt a spiritual degradation
13:56 Talmud Bavli Ketubot 112a, the superiority of Israel over Egypt
16:02 Ein Yaakov Ketubot 13,20 How God blesses a stoney place to produce a hundred fold.
21:22 Rashi on Isaiah 30,6 Parts 1-4 trusting in wealth
24:09 Midrash Tanchuma Beshalach 18,2 on the evil one deceiving our children and being guided by God.

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