Tehillim / Psalms 123, ספר תהילים קכג, Part 1, Lifting our Eyes to the Lord God in Heaven


In this week’s study from Tehillim / Psalms 123:1-4, the psalm opens saying, א שִׁיר הַמַּעֲלוֹת אֵלֶיךָ נָשָֹאתִי אֶת-עֵינַי הַיּשְׁבִי בַּשָּׁמָיִם: A Song of Ascents. 123:1 To You I lift up my eyes, O You who are enthroned in the heavens! (NASB) This psalm is introduced speaking of “a song of ascending unto you.” Based upon this text, this was a song that was composed to the Lord God in heaven for ascending the Temple mount in Jerusalem. The idea is as God is enthroned in heaven, the one who ascends fixes his eyes upon the Lord in the anticipation of communing with the Lord in the place He has established His name. The Targum translates saying, א שירא דאיתאמר על מסקיין מסוקין דתהומא קדמך זקפית ית עיני דיתיב על כורסי יקרא בשמיא׃ 123:1 A song that was uttered on the ascents of the abyss. Before you I have lifted up my eyes, you who sit on a throne of glory in heaven. (EMC) Why do the rabbis speak of the ascents of the abyss? Read more here: Tehillim 123-Part1