Tehillim / Psalms 119, ספר תהילים קיט, Part 1, Do You Believe in Something that is Contrary to Scripture?


In this week’s study from Tehillim / Psalms 119:1-176. Tehillim / Psalm 119 shows us that the Word of God should take top priority in our lives and the importance of praise.  Looking at the Masoretic Text, Tehillim / Psalm 119 is divided in the sections based upon the 22 letters in the Hebrew alef-bet.  The first eight verses are grouped under the letter א (alef) the next eight verses under the letter ב (bet), etc.  The overall scheme found throughout Tehillim / Psalms 119 seems to be determined mostly by the alef-bet organization of the text.  Throughout Tehillim / Psalms 119, the word Torah (תורה) is used 25 times and is a reference to both the books of Moshe and to teaching or instruction of God.  The basic conclusion is that the Torah is not just for academic interest, but for obedience.  We will be going through forty verses at a time (five letters at a time) for each study.  Read more here:  Tehillim 119-Part1

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