Book Release – Bits of Torah Truths, The Joy of Torah

Bits of Torah Truths, Volume 3, The Joy of Torah List Price: $21.33 Authored by Dr. Duane D. Miller The Scriptures say in the later times some will fall away (1 Timothy 4:1). There is no question what we are seeing today is a great falling away from the traditional teachings of the faith. The joy of Torah series is...

The Torah and Holiness, has God changed His mind regarding clean and unclean?

The Torah and Holiness - Has God changed His mind regarding clean and unclean? Price:  $11.25 Description: Question: Are you willing to engage the battle for the truth of the Scriptures or just "go with the flow?" Throughout history, commentators have determined that the moral precepts of the Old Testament - in particular, the Ten Commandments - are binding upon Christians, however...

The Messiah according to Moses in the Scroll of the Torah

Shalom Everyone, I am pleased to announce the book titled "The Messiah according to the Scroll of the Torah."  I spent one year organizing the weekly Torah studies into book format consisting of 520 pages.  The five books of Moses c...