Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss The Ultimate Desire of the Human Soul: To See God’s Face, ישעיהו לח:יא-טז / Isaiah 38:11-16


In this video, we will explore the biblical perspective on life and death, based on Isaiah 38:1-22. We will see how Hezekiah, the king of Judah, faced his mortality and prayed to God for healing and mercy. We will also learn how the Bible teaches us to live repentant lives, to seek God and His Messiah, and to hope for eternal life. We will compare Hezekiah’s words with other passages from the Torah, the Psalms, and the New Testament. Join us as we discover the meaning and purpose of life from God’s Word.

Part 2
0:37 Isaiah 38.11-12 ספר ישעיה פרק לח:יא-יב 2:50 Exodus 33.18-23 ספר שמות פרק לג:יח-כג
9:29 We were created for fellowship, 1 John 1.3
9:58 We were created to dwell in God’s presence, Psalms 84.1-12
13:37 Isaiah 38.13-14 ספר ישעיה פרק לח:יג-יד
15:25 Targum Jonathan on Isaiah 38.13
19:25 Isaiah 38.15-16 ספר ישעיה פרק לח:טו-טז
21:02 A NT Parallel to faith according to Luke 7.6-10

Live Stream Begins: USA: Wednesday 6:30 PM EST

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