Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss the Rabbinic Perspective on Isaiah’s Prophecy and the Dangers of Idolatry, ישעיהו מד:טו-כא / Isaiah 44:15-21


Rabbinic Insights on Isaiah: Unveiling the Truth Behind Idol Worship. Unlocking the Wisdom: Rabbinic Commentary on Isaiah’s Prophecy. Delving into the Depths: Rabbinic Commentary on Isaiah’s Prophetic Warning. A Rabbinic Analysis of Isaiah’s Prophecy: The Path to Avoiding Idolatry.

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Part 3
0:53 Targum Jonathan Son of Iziel Isaiah 44.15-21 תרגום יונתן בן עוזיאל אל ישעיה פרק מד:טו-כא
3:19 Breaking down the Targum on Isaiah 44.15-18
9:23 Idol worship is like drunkeness, Duties of the Heart, Eighth Treatis on Examining the Soul 3.122
20:28 Breaking down the Targum on Isaiah 44.19-21
25:09 Service to God must be with three things, Sefer HaYasar 2.48
32:05 About Remembering what God has done, Midrash Lekach Tov, Numbers 15.40.1

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