Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss: The Nations, The Unknown Tongue, and the Holy Language, ישעיהו לג:יט-כד / Isaiah 33:19-24


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0:33 Targum Jonathan son of Uziel on Isaiah 33,19-24
תרגום יונתן בן עוזיאל אל ישעיה פרק לג:יט-כד 3:52 The holy tongue, Rashi on Isaiah 33,19 Parts 1-4
8:07 The Torah source text on the emnity between Jew and Gentile, Deuteronomy 12:30-32
11:15 Paul on the emnity between Jew and Gentile, Ephesians 2,14-16
21:12 Rashi on Isaiah 33,21 Parts 1-3
24:20 Mei HaShiloach, Volume 1, Deuteronomy, Shoftime 5
30:05 Midrash Rabbah Devarim 5,11
33:53 Rashi on Isaiah 33,23 Parts 1-7
35:07 The Torah has not passed away, Hebrews 8,9-13

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