Parashat Shelach Lecha, Today, do you acknowledge the truth or serve your own idea of reality?


In this week’s Parashah, Parashat Shelach Lecha from
Bamidbar / Numbers 13:1-14:7
, Moshe vayishlakh otam moshe
latur et-erets kenaan
sending the men to spy out the land of Canaan.  Moshe asked the
men to examine the land, was it good or bad, the cities are they open or fortified, are there trees, and
to bring back some fruit of the land.  So, the men went up to spy out the land.  It is interesting
that in Moshe’s instruction to examine the land and the people, the spies focus more on the people
than the land.  Scripture says 13:21 So they went up and spied out
the land from the wilderness of Zin as far as Rehob, at Lebo-hamath. (NASB)
and no mention of
the people are given who live there.  However, the spies arrive in Hebron and see Ahiman, Sheshai,
and Talmai the descendents of Anak.  While examining the land, two men had the eyes of faith whereas
the others were dominated by the physical senses.  In this day and age, do you have the eyes of
faith?  How much of your life has been dominated by your physical senses?
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