Parashat Re’eh, Hearing the Voice of the Lord and Devoting our Lives to Him


In this week’s reading from Parashat Re’eh (Devarim / Deuteronomy 11-26-12:28) Moshe says רְאֵה אָנֹכִי נֹתֵן לִפְנֵיכֶם הַיּוֹם בְּרָכָה וּקְלָלָה: meaning See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse.”  Moshe says the blessing comes if we listen and obey.”  The curse comes by those who turn aside from the way God has commanded.  Moshe then says when the Lord brings you into the land, place the blessing (הַבְּרָכָה) on mount Gerizim and the curse (הַקְּלָלָה) on mount Ebal.  Mount Gerizim and Ebal are two mountains in the vicinity of the West Bank city of Nablus (in Hebrew known as Shechem).  These form the southern side of the valley in which Nablus is situated on the north side.  This mountain is one of the highest peaks in the West Bank and is the highest peak in all of Yisrael.  The blessing and the curse here represents those who remain “within” the covenant (הַבְּרָכָה on Gerizim) with God and those who remain “outside” of the covenant (הַקְּלָלָה on Ebal).  Those inside the covenant live inside of the Promised Land and enjoy the blessing and protection of God.  Those outside have no part in God’s promises.  Remaining within the covenant is emphasized as Moshe continues to speak to the people stating כִּי אִם-אֶל-הַמָּקוֹם אֲשֶׁר-יִבְחַר יְהוָֹה אֱלֹהֵיכֶם מִכָּל-שִׁבְטֵיכֶם לָשֹוּם אֶת-שְׁמוֹ שָׁם לְשִׁכְנוֹ תִדְרְשׁוּ וּבָאתָ שָּׁמָּה: five times saying that 12:5 ‘But you shall seek the LORD at the place which the Lord your God will choose from all your tribes, to establish His name there for His dwelling, and there you shall come. (NASB)  (See Devarim 12:5, 11, 14, 18, 21).  According to these scriptures, God revealed himself through Yisrael in order to make His Name known to the World.  Today, as we worship, pray, and glorify God each day, do we allow the Lord to establish within us a place where He can make His Name known?   Read more here.