Parashat Kedoshim, The First Fruits of Death and the Zavakh Shilamim (Peace Offering).


In this week’s Parashat, Parashat Kedoshim (
Vayikra / Leviticus 19:1-20:27
), within the first eight verses of the Parashat we
find that the Lord commands (i) to be holy because He is Holy, (ii) to respect our parents and keep
God’s Shabbats (Sabbaths), (iii) to not turn to idols or make graven gods, and (iv) to make a
Zavakh Shilamim (Peace Offering) in order to be accepted.  Within the command to bring the Zavakh
Shilamim it is written that on the third day the offering it is not to be eaten.  The text says
“v’im heachol yeachel bayom hashlelshi pigul hu lo yeratseh”
meaning “if it is eaten on the third day, it is an offense
and it will not be accepted”
according to the NASB.  The Hebrew text says “if
it is eaten on the third day, ‘he’ is pigul, an abomination; ‘he’ will not be
accepted.  Note that the pronoun “hu” (he) can refer to person or thing.  Here the
offering of the Zavakh Shilamim, will not be accepted and it will be considered an abomination before God
if eaten on the third day.  Have you ever wondered why God considers the third day the point at which
the Zavakh Shilamim becomes a pigul (abomination)? 
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