Parashat Bekhukotai, How does Walking and Dwelling establish God Covenant in a way only He could do


In this week’s Parashat, from sefer Vayikra / Leviticus 26:3-27:15
, we find the conditional phrase “im bekhukotai telechu ve’et mitsvotai
tishmeru ve’asitem otam”
 meaning if you walk in my statutes and keep my commands and so as to carry them out (you doing them)
then the Lord will give rain upon the land in their seasons and the land will yield its produce and bear its
fruit (26:3).  Moshe goes on to tell the people the Lord will
then bring the harvest of food in its season and they shall eat and be filled and be blessed in fullness. 
In addition to this, not only will they not fear their enemies, but their enemies will fall before them by the
sword and they shall chase their enemies where one person will chase a hundred and an hundred will chase ten
thousand.  The Lord will put fear in the heart of our enemies.  By obeying God and His mitzvot (commands)
the Lord says that He will make his dwelling among His people and walk among them saying
ve’hayyiti lachem le’lohim ve’atem tehu li le’am”
meaning and I will be their God and they will be my people.”
  These scriptures 26:11-12 are very significant for our
understanding the Word of God, God’s plan of redemption, and why Yeshua (Jesus) had come to die for our sins.
  How does walking and dwelling in our midst signify the establishment of His covenant in a way that only God
could do? 
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