Dr Duane Miller – The Spirit of Deception and Inability to Understand the Truth ישעיהו יט – Part 1


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2:00 Deep Spiritual Sleep and what brings a curse

5:39 Isaiah 19,14 ישעיהו יט:יד

10:51 Pseudepigrapha – Psalms of Solomon 8:1-15

12:57 God mixed a drink of a wavering spirit

16:42 Isaiah 19,16-17 ישעיהו יט:טו-טז

19:19 Zechariah 14,12-19

25:30 The flesh, the eyes, and the tongue melting while standing on one’s feet (Indiana Jones style “raiders of the lost ark”)

27:15 Fear should ultimately lead us to repentance and seeking the Lord God in heaven and His Messiah Yeshua

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