Can Christians participate in worldly activities such as going to Bars?


“…if any man who is called a brother …” 1 Corinthians 5:11 the apostle Paul is talking about a brother in the faith and not referring to befriending unbelievers for the purpose of witnessing/living ones life for Christ amongst the lost (the unsaved). Whether a believer should or should go to a club/bar is related to ones outward faith towards others especially unbelievers. The bar/club environment is not the environment/venue for ministering/witnessing to unbelievers on the topic of faith and salvation  through Yeshua (Jesus the Messiah). Some people justify going to  bars/clubs by saying how Yeshua ate with the sinners and publicans. The difference here is  Yeshua did not participate (take part, engage, join) in the sinful lifestyles of the people whom he  had dinner with in their homes, Yeshua taught hallachah (the way) concerning the rabbinic  teaching in his day and taught the scriptures. A couple questions we should ask about the  bar/club environment are (i) what takes place physically in a bar/club and (ii) what takes place  verbally in a bar/club. Answering question (i) what takes place is alcoholism and lascivious dancing that is based upon a sexual appetite, sexual longing, desire, passion, sexuality, lechery, and lecherousness. These are the sorts of things that go though the imaginations of men when they see women dancing provocatively and the women who dance in such ways are doing so for  the express purpose of rising up these desires within men. To read more see Christians going to bars, Part 1  and  Christians going to bars, Par 2 (a Response)

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