Bits of Torah Truths, The Covenant – Repentance Series, Introduction, Part 2, Having the Heart of a Jew, and the Distinction of the Church.


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We are beginning a new Torah series on the Covenant of God, the Repentance Series.  This week’s “Bits of Torah Truths” is an introduction, Part 2.

Did you know, the Apostle Paul writing to the Romans said that at the heart of every Gentile should be the heart of a Jew? He said this within the context of the “brit milah” (בְּרִית מִילָה) of the heart. This may sound strange, but there was a very important point he was trying to make. Based upon the Torah, the Lord God Himself speaks of the circumcision of the heart in the Tanach, and strange as it may seem, these concepts hold a deep a meaning for us today, just as it did when the Lord first gave circumcision in Abraham’s time. These concepts of circumcision are so important, Paul wrote to the Romans of circumcision in the following way…

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