Antimissionaries be like… Jesus did not teach what the Sages taught, Episode 29


Episode 29 –

The widely known phrase to “turn the other cheek” passage (Matthew 5:38-48) is often cited as an example of the radical newness of Yeshua’s teachings. But it is the same Spirit which inspired the best teaching of the Sages. A person is not to seek retaliation but should endure the insult humbly. This the Sages agreed with, and counseled that a person struck on the cheek should forgive the offending party even if he does not ask forgiveness (Tosefta and Aramaic Targum to Lamentations 3:29). The Talmud commends the person who accepts offense without retaliation and submits to suffering and insult cheerfully. (Yoma 23a) In addition, one can find parallels in the Rabbinical literature to almost all of Yeshua’s statements.