Watch Dr Duane Miller – What the God of Israel Expects from All of Us, ישעיהו ל:טו-כ / Isaiah 30:15-20


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0:58 Targum Jonathan Son of Uziel on Isaiah 30,15-20 תרגום יונתן בן עוזיאל אל ישעיה פרק ל:טו-כ
3:18 Prophecy of remebering in word of God, Deuteronomy 30,1
6:44 Bilam prophecies of the Messiah and destroying idols, Numbers 24,17-20
8:29 Disucssion on the Messiah from the Orthodox Jewish perspective from
10:31 The Zohar Kol HaTor 2,16 on returning to Torah, rest, and peace
11:38 Rashi on Isaiah 30,15 Parts 1-3 Egypt and a waste of money
14:28 God commands Moshe to make record for remembering what happened Exodus 17,14
21:36 Zohar on the the Law being spiritual, a parallel to Paul in NT, Zohar 1:181a:3
24:48 Midrash Tanchuma, Mishpatim 16,1
29:11 What is on the inside is more important, Nefesh HaChayim, Gate IV 28,10
33:18 Do not run after the pleasures of this world, Rashi on Isaiah 30,20 Parts 1-3
34:09 Rabbinic Parallel in Romans 7,14 the Law being Spiritual

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