Watch Dr Duane Miller Explain How Isaiah and the Rabbinic Literature Explains the place of the Torah and NT Faith, ישעיהו מג:כב-כח / Isaiah 43:22-28


In this study we look at the Targum translation of Isaiah and the Rabbinic literature and learn how Isaiah 43 lays the groundwork for the NT text and how God would forgive the sins of His people by His grace and mercy in the Servant King Messiah of God.

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Part 3
1:02 Targum Jonathan Son of Uziel on Isaiah 43.22-28, תרגום יונתן בן עוזיאל אל ישעיה פרק מג:כב-כח
2:45 Going deeper in the Targum on Isaiah 43.22-24
8:12 The Midrash Akeidat Yitzchak 57.1 reveals that the Torah was not meant to be used to manipulate God
24:08 Names of the idols, nations, and their gods
31:10 Going deeper in the Targum on Isaiah
43:25 32:04 Rashi on Isaiah 43.25 Parts 1-2
37:29 Going deeper in the Targum on Isaiah
43:26-28 Live Stream Begins: USA: Wednesday 6:30 PM EST

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