Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss Why Yeshua is the Only One Who Can Fulfill Isaiah 42, Isaiah 42:1-6


How Isaiah 42 Proves That Yeshua is the Servant of the Lord. The Anti-Missionary Argument Against Isaiah 42 Debunked. Isaiah 42:1-6 – A Messianic Prophecy Fulfilled by Yeshua. The Servant Song of Isaiah 42 and Its Connection to Yeshua. Refuting the Anti-Missionary Claim That Isaiah 42 is Not About Yeshua.

Part 2
0:31 Isaiah 42.1 ספר ישעיהו פרק מב’ א
3:48 Connections to Patriarchs, Genesis 26.24, Exodus 14.31 Isaiah 42.2-3 ספר ישעיהו פרק מב’ ב-ג
4:18 Connections Tanakh, 1 Samuel 9.17, 2 Samuel 3.18
6:21 The connection of Isaiah 42.1-6 to Isaiah 11.1-9
14:38 Isaiah 42.3 ספר ישעיהו פרק מב’ ג
16:02 How NT quotes Isaiah 42.1-6 in Matthew 12.15–21
24:30 Isaiah 42.4-6 ספר ישעיהו פרק מב’ ד-ו
30:40 How the Hebrew text Emphasizes the uniquness of Mashiach

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