Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss Paul’s Idea of Being Disqualified from One’s Place, ישעיהו כו:ח-יד / Isaiah 26:8-14


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LIVE Streaming can be seen every Thursday night at 6:30pm EST for those in Asia: Fridays 6:30 AM (GMT+8) in the Messianic Chat room on Telegram: 0:33 Targum Jonathan son of Iziel Isaiah 26,8-14 תרגום יונתן בן עוזיאל אל ישעיה פרק כה:ח-יד

3:41 Jude 1,14-15
5:04 Genesis 4,7 God tells Cain he must master sin and not allow sin to master him
5:54 1 Corinthians 9,25-27
8:52 Ibn Ezra on Isaiah 26,8 Part 1
12:50 Talmud Bavli Megillah 6a
14:39 Rashi on Isaiah 26,10 Part 1-3 Esau lived between two righteous men and yet did not learn righteousness, what does this teach us?
19:49 Rashi on Isaiah 26,13 Part 1-3
21:03 Rabbi Jeremiah hypothetical conversation between Israeli and Canaanite, deception in religion
22:14 Ein Yaakov, Ketubot 13,16 One weakens oneself when one stops studying Torah, enabling deception 29:29 Rashi on Isaiah 26,14 Part 1-2

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