Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss How The Word of God is a Powerful Tool for Spiritual Growth, ישעיהו לה:ו-י / Isaiah 35:6-10


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Part 3
1:50 Targum Jonathan son of Uziel on Isaiah 35,6-10 תרגום יונתן בן עוזיאל אל ישעיה פרק לה:ו-י
4:07 The Rabbis connection Isaiah 35,6 to the Torah in Midrash Tanchuma Buber Appendix to Devarim 1,1
9:24 Some Specific ways God’s word can bring growth to our lives
13:12 The Rabbis connect the Resurrection to Isaiah 35 in the Talmud Bavli Sanhedrin 91b
15:07 Various places in Tanakh where resurrection is mentioned or implied 20:9 Rashi on Isaiah 35,9 Parts 1-3
25:14 Peninei Halakha Simchat Habayit U’Virkhato 3,15 9
26:23 Rashi on Isaiah 35,10 Parts 1-2

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