Watch Dr Duane Miller discuss how the Divine Name is Written in Connection with Us, ישעיהו כב:יז-כה / Isaiah 22:17-25


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1:48 Talmud Bavli Tractate Kallah Rabbati 8:11

6:26 Colossians 3,23

10:12 Midrash Sifrei Devarim 321:16

10:56 Heroic power is duing God’s word to hear the voice of His word

15:42 Rashi on Isaiah 22,23 Part 1

16:55 Likutei Moharan, Part 2 8:11:5 the concept of tekia, teruah, shevarim

21:12 Hebrews 1,1-3 אִגֶּרֶת אֶל הָעִבְרִים פרק א:א-ג

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