Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss How Isaiah Exposes the Folly of Idolatry: A Study of ישעיה פרק מ, Isaiah 40:19-24


The Contrast Between the Living God and the Dead Idols in Isaiah 40:19-24. We touch on the Sovereignty and Majesty of God over His Creation, Isaiah’s Sarcasm and Wordplay on the Vanity of Idols, and The Truth About God and His Word vs. the Lies of Idols.

Part 2
0:38 Isaiah 40.19-20 ספר ישעיה פרק מ:יט-כ
2:47 References where Idolatry is Forbidden
8:44 Poetic structure of Isaiah 40:19 ספר ישעיה פרק מ:יט
14:07 Isaiah 40.21-22 ספר ישעיה פרק מ:כא-כב
16:51 Parallel in NT text, Hebrews 1.10-12
18:42 Parallel text in the Psalms 102.25-27
23:10 Reasons People Remain Skeptical about a Spherical Earth
28:40 Isaiah 40.23-24 ספר ישעיה פרק מ:כג-כד
32:31 The Theme of God’s Sovereignty and Judgment over the Nations

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