Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss How Isaiah 44 Reveals God’s Grace which Enables Writing His Torah on Our Hearts, ישעיהו מד:א-ז / Isaiah 44:1-7


Isaiah 44:1-7 Explained: God’s Mercy, Spirit, and New Covenant with both the Jew and Gentile, and God’s Plan for Redemption (Isaiah 44:1-7)

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Part 1
4:23 Grace of God demonstrated in Tanakh, Genesis 15.6, Deuteronomy 7.7-8, Psalms 40.6-8, Isaiah 53.5-6, Jeremiah 31.31-34
18:01 Rabbinic parallels to God’s grace in the Tanakh, Talmud Bavli Yoma 86a-b and Sanhedrin 98a, Midrash Rabbah Ecclesiastes 7.19, Mishnah Yoma 8.9,
25:25 How mercy and grace are a gift, Romans 3.23-24, 6.23, Ephesians 2.8-9, John 3.16, 3.36
30:37 NT Parallels to Isaiah Chapter 44

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