Watch Dr Duane Miller Discuss: A Challenge to the Modern Reader on ישעיהו מ:ז-יב / Isaiah 40:7-12 on Sin and Repentance


How the Masoretic Text (MSS) of Isaiah 40:7-12 Reveals God’s Sovereignty Over Human History. The MSS of Isaiah 40:7-12: A Source of Hope and Comfort for God’s People. The MSS of Isaiah 40:7-12: A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness and Power. The MSS of Isaiah 40:7-12: A Call to Repentance and Trust in God.

Part 2
0:29 Isaiah 40.7 ספר ישעיהו פרק מ:ז
4:35 Peter uses Isaiah 40.7-12 in his Epistle – 1 Peter.18-25
14:36 Isaiah 40.8-9 ספר ישעיהו פרק מ:ח-ט
18:14 Paul uses Isaiah 40.7-12 in his commentary according to Romans 11.25-36
28:25 Isaiah 40.10-11 ספר ישעיהו פרק מ:י-יא
41:37 Isaiah 40.12 ספר ישעיהו פרק מ:יב
43:34 The connection to the Shema – Deuteronomy 6.4-6 ספר דברים פרק ו:ד-ו

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