Watch Dr Duane D Miller Discuss The Fall of Babylon and the Prophetic Implications for Us Today, ישעיהו מז:א-ח / Isaiah 47:1-8


Description: This video analyzes the metaphor of Babylon as a beautiful and arrogant woman in Isaiah 47:1-8, highlighting the consequences of pride and the message of judgment. This video also discusses the prophetic vision of Isaiah, exploring the message of judgment in Isaiah 47:1-8 and its implications for both Babylon and the surrounding nations.

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Part 2
0:23 Isaiah 47.1-2 ספר ישעיה פרק מז’ א-ב
2:53 The imperative Hebrew verbs in Isaiah 47.1-2
6:52 A picture of being reduced to a maidservant grinding at the mill
8:22 Isaiah 47.3-4 ספר ישעיה פרק מז’ ג-ד
13:24 Isaiah 47.5-6 ספר ישעיה פרק מז’ ה-ו
17:46 The imperative Hebrew verbs in Isaiah 47.5
20:14 Isaiah 47.7-8 ספר ישעיה פרק מז’ ז-ח
24:07 How Yeshua looks at where our focus should be Matthew 6.19-20
25:14 Breaking down Earthly and Heavenly Treasures

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