Watch Dr Duane D Miller Discuss How God Functions Behind the Scenes to Complete His Plans, ישעיהו מה:יג-יח / Isaiah 45:13-18


Topics covered include: Divine Sovereignty: Exploring God’s Control Over History in Isaiah 45, Cyrus the Chosen: Unveiling God’s Instrument for Redemption, Creation’s Purpose: Understanding Isaiah 45’s Message on God’s Design, Faith & Prophecy: Countering Doubt in Isaiah’s Predictions, Scriptural Unity: Defending the Authenticity of Isaiah’s Text, Messiah’s Role: The Power of Faith in Grasping Spiritual Truths.

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Part 1
8:41 How Isaiah 45 relates to Hebrews 4.11-15.
10:49 What the Concept of Rest Means.

Live Stream Begins: USA: Wednesday 6:30 PM EST

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