The Humanity of Yeshua (Jesus)


The scriptures say that Yeshua (Jesus) experienced humanity as we do meaning that He was tempted as we are tempted (but he did not sin) and he went through pain and sorrow as we do (i.e. going to the cross). As a result of His sufferings, His humanity, He is closer to us because He is someone with whom we can identify with when we pray. You see, when we pray, Yeshua is not some far removed person, but rather someone who “KNOWS”, knows our trials, hurts, pains, as well as our joy, and happiness. When I ask Yeshua for strength in prayer, I know that he knows exactly what I need, and how much strength to give me. It is this fundamental truth that I feel helps me personally to identify with Yeshua (Jesus) in a more intimate way. To read more click here