The Bulls of our lips or The Temple Sacrifice?


I have been reading “Siddur Kol Yaakov” published by Mesorah
Publications and have come across an interesting paradox within the rabbinical prayers found in the Siddur. This paradox stems from conversations I have had with a few Orthodox Jews on the Internet that I have spoken to. The topic deals with sin and redemption. It is proposed from rabbinic prayer book that the offering of our lips (in praise) is sufficient to make atonement as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins. Reference is made to Hosea 14:3 as a proof text. The concept that ones lips which offer worship and praise to God make atonement for sin is laid out within the rabbinic prayers found within the Siddur. It is obvious that our lips do not stand as a genuine alternative to the sacrifice, however, the paradox arises within the Siddur provides prayers stating “let our lips compensate for the bulls” and then others prayers which ask God for the rebuilding of the Temple so the former things would be restored. Now, I ask myself whether the rabbinic community really believers that the offering of their lips are sufficient to make atonement, or whether they need to rebuild the Temple for the purpose of offering the blood sacrifice to make atonement as the Torah really commands. To Read More