Is Isaiah 53 the only prophecy in the Bible for the Messiah?


Rabbinic Judaism teaches that the Messiah has not come. Some sects of Judaism even have their own messiah. Regardless of Judaism’s questions on who the Messiah is we know for certain because the Bible prophetically revealed Yeshua as the Messiah prior to His coming here on earth. Prophecy in the Bible often consisted of a warning that God’s wrath would destroy the people if they disobeyed God or did not repent. Such warning prophecies are found in the Jewish scriptures (Elijah,Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc.) and in the Ketuvei Shelachim (the Apostolic Writings). Prophecies sometimes included promises of blessing for obeying God or repenting. Prophecies also can foretell the coming of a divine figure, such as Yeshua the Messiah, or appear in apocalyptic literature, such as Daniel or Revelation. I have spoken to a few from orthodox Judaism that have claimed the only proof that can bring Yeshua to be the messiah is in Isaiah chapter 53. They are quite mistaken because Isaiah 53 is only one of many prophecies about Yeshua. In fact, there are 37 prophecies Yeshua fulfilled by coming and laying down his life for ours upon the cross. Read More