Dr Duane Miller – Isaiah Says Your Family Line will be Terminated because of This, ישעיהו לט:א-ח / Isaiah 39:1-8


The final declaration of God here is in regards to the descendants of Hezekiah. Notice the significance here when Isaiah says that your sons will be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon.

Part 2
0:22 Isaiah 39.1-2 ספר ישעיה פרק לט:א-ב
13:18 Isaiah 39.3-4 ספר ישעיה פרק לט:ג-ד
22:48 Isaiah 39.5-6 ספר ישעיה פרק לט:ה-ו
27:39 Isaiah 39.7-8 ספר ישעיה פרק לט:ז-ח

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