Does God need to be Reminded?


Reading through Parashat Ki-Tisa we find the story of Chet Ha’Egel (the sin of the golden calf). After Moshe had spent 40 days on the mountain of Sinai, the children of Israel began to doubt whether he was coming back and asked Aaron to make for them a molten calf to be their god (see Shmot / Exodus 32:1). After this event, the Lord tells Moshe to get down to the people for they have corrupted themselves. The Lord further says he wants to consume them, meaning to destroy them for the sin they have committed. Reading through Parashat Ki-Tisa and the story of Chet Ha’Egel, it appears God needs reminding of his covenantal relationship with His people. Do you think God forgets and needs to be reminded or is there a deeper spiritual meaning which can be learned and applied to our lives? Read more