Chasidut, follower, pious … God’s Word and Truth, how do we apply it in our lives?


Today we live in a culture of post-modern philosophy. This type of culture consist of shifting truth (relativism) and broken promises, from politics to our relationships. Does it feel as if you are unable to take anyone at his or her word today? Trust and truth have become skewed in our post-modern culture and as believers the question becomes, how do we find God’s truth, and how do we apply it to our lives? The only way to get hold of God’s truth and apply the Word of God to our lives is by getting the Word into our hearts on a daily basis. Our lives are filled with problems as a result of sin which cause us to have a tendency to become “problem-centered.” These things can make having a meaningful spiritual life with God difficult. In order to prevent this we need to become more “Word of God-centered” and this takes work. The only way to become Word of God-centered is to begin to study the Bible on a daily basis. To read more: Part 1 and Part 2