Atonement outside of sacrifice?


Yom Kippur is approaching and is one of the most important holidays of the Hebrew Bible. During ancient times, thoughts of the korban (sacrifice) which was offered on our behalf would be at the forefront of discussion. As we approach the month of Tishri, we should begin our journey with personal reflection and repentance before God. Atonement for sin is a very important spiritual principle and according to the Bible we need a sacrifice in order to receive forgiveness of sins. Without a temple in Jerusalem how does one obtain forgiveness? According to Orthodox Judaism, one only needs to be repentant and offer deeds of loving kindness.  This however stands contrary to what is written in the Word of God which states that it is impossible to make atonement and receive forgiveness of sins without a sacrifice.  God has provided us a way to both receive atonement and forgiveness in his son Yeshua the Messiah.  Click here to read more.