Antimissionaries be like… Yeshua didn’t follow the customs of the elders. , Episode 25


Episode 25

Matthew 15:3
ג הֵשִׁיב וְאָמַר לָהֶם׃ ״מַדּוּעַ גַּם אַתֶּם עוֹבְרִים עַל מִצְוַת אֱלֹהִים לְמַעַן הַמָּסֹרֶת שֶׁלָּכֶם?

The “traditions of the elders” or “customs” that were instituted were not to be taken as Biblical command, only secondary in that a tradition or a custom instituted in the community which cannot supersede a Biblical commandment. Hence, one of the reasons why Yeshua said “Why do you also transgress the commandments of God by your tradition?” Yeshua was not defending the disciples, he said “why do you also” indicating that the disciples transgressed against the rabbinic authority, however, also the Pharisees improperly used that Rabbinic instruction when they violated a Biblical command. Yeshua was using their own teachings against them because they were violating the chain of command. A Rabbinic enactment or a tradition or custom cannot ever be above a Biblical commandment, it can only serve as a guide for the Biblical commandment and must be treated as secondary authority.